Blog Entry by Tess Scholz: 

The other day I had an unexpected trip to Guatemala City.  Although I did not love the circumstances surrounding this trip, I was so grateful for the six-hour conversation with the Guatemalan medical translator, Mauricio, who drove me.  I always love spending time with locals, to learn more about the place where I am living.
I was asking Mauricio about one of the poorest neighborhoods where several of the students from the feeding center live called Santo Domingo.  I have had the privilege of being able to visit a few times to deliver food for the families that we work with.   He was explaining to me that not even the local Guatemalans will go to this part of town because it is so dangerous.   But then there is Soy and Deidra who can drive in at any hour without fear and are welcomed with smiles and the traditional Guatemalan Kiss to the cheek.  I proceeded to ask Mauricio why this is, because anytime I have gone, I have felt completely safe.  He said, “It’s simple.  The people there know Soy and Deidra are there to help.  They will protect them at any cost because they know that Soy and Deidra are for the good of the community.”
I love that as Christians love is our greatest weapon.  In a place that is known for violence and danger, Soy and Deidra have put on the armor of love by actively serving and blessing the people of Santo Domingo and because of this they are protected and taken care of within this community.  They are considered as part of the family there and because of their endless acts of love for the kids of Santo Domingo and their families, I too have been able to walk into that community and take part in what God is doing in that place!  God was yet again reminding me of the power of love and that Paul was overwhelmingly accurate when he said in 1 Corinthians 13, “Love never fails.”

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