Blog By Tess

I have been in Guatemala a little over one week!  And what an absolute gift and whirlwind it has been.  But then again, adventures with Jesus usually hold these two characteristics in equal tension. My first time working with both Grace Ministries and Shining Light Abroad Ministires was back in February on a week long medical mission trip.  Although previously, I had heard  dozens of stories about this mission tucked away on a mountain in Guatemala from my parents for the past 9 years, who serve yearly on a medical mission team.
I have had the opportunity to serve Jesus all around the world over the past 13 years. And for some reason God has made Guatemala my home for the next two months.  And although I will never understand fully the purposes of God in my life, I have had glimpses of the magnitude of what God is doing in Guatemala through these two ministries…. And let me tell you, it is and will be absolutely stunning.
God has always and will always be true to his word. He calls himself a defender of the weak, a father to the fatherless and a God who will uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed.  Shinning Light Abroad and Grace Ministries are on the front lines advancing God’s Kingdom by  working with this exact population.  They are caring for and loving the little ones in some of the poorest parts of Guatemala. They are pouring their hearts and lives out for the very thing that consumes God’s heart.  And because they are fighting for the obsession of God’s heart, they have and will continue to have all of heaven backing them to see these little ones walk in the fullness of what Jesus paid for.
Jesus came so that we may have life and life abundant now and in eternity, but this does not happen without people laying down their lives so that others may meet the Author and Perfecter of our lives and destiny.  I am so honored to be working alongside these ministries as they pour themselves out completely for the little ones of Guatemala.  I am sure not how long God will have me invest this is place, but it is an absolute joy to serve in any and every captivity that allows Grace and Shinning Light Abroad Ministries to continue transforming this nation through their work with some of Jesus’s most favorite children here in Guatemala.

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