Meet Margarita, Magdalena, and Esmeralda

*** If you sponsor a child, you have received two emails asking you to pray for a specific need for the next 30 days.  If you are committed to praying with us, it would be great to hear from you.  Just a reply simply stating “Praying” is perfect!  We believe in prayer.

The structure of the feeding center is to allow one child from each family to be involved in the program.  This allows us to minister to 110 families and provide quality to the 110 children.  Originally one of the twins was chosen to be in the program.  After a few weeks Glendy and Lazaro discovered the twins were taking turns coming to the center.  They are the exception to the rule and both come to the center.  They are raised by their aunt who tries to take very good care of them.  Both of the girls are very quiet and respectful at all times.  They do love all of the land at the center that allows them the freedom to play “chase”.  Both of the girls want to be doctors when they grow up.

Thank you Johnny & Judy Tucker for sponsoring sweet Margarita!

Thank you Junior & Christina Fuglseth for sponsoring precious Magdalena!


Esmeralda is not only a cousin to the twins, but a sweet friend.  She is an energetic, kind girl.  She lives in a small room at the local public school because her mom is “security” for the school.  This job does provide them a safe place to live.  Esmeralda’s favorite color is purple, her favorite food is pizza, and her favorite animal is bunny.  She tries very hard at school and takes advantage of the tutoring class offered by us.  Her goal is to be a doctor when she grows up.

Thank you Eula Mae Pederson for faithfully sponsoring Esmeralda!


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