Five Years Later….

Sometimes it is nice to revisit past videos as a reminder of how God has blessed the feeding center.  Many of you have been supportive of the feeding center when it was a smaller building with only 45 cute kids.  Fast forward only five years later and the building has doubled in size, has two apartments on the roof, a playground, soccer field, basketball goal, and 110 precious kids.

This endeavor is much greater than one person or one church.  God has used people,  churches, and ministries from across the country to partner with GRACE Ministries to help end the physical and spiritual poverty in Guatemala.  We are amazed at how God has blessed the feeding center and we firmly believe God has great things in store for the future.

Almost every “original” child is still involved in the program!

Today, the building also serves as church to minister to the families in the local area.

Click on the link below to view the video:

Beginning of the Feeding Center

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