Meet Sebastian

Sebastian has been in the feeding center program for the past several years.  He is being raised by his grandmother.  When team members come to the feeding center, he is a child that tends to be more shy and reserved.  However, once he is comfortable with you he does not mind showing his true personality.

Honestly, he is struggling with academics.  We have been helping him by speaking to his principal, communicating with his teacher, and tutoring him.  Last week I casually told Sebastian that he is a very smart boy.  In tutoring class, he finished his multiplication accurately and quickly so I complimented him.  He looked at me and said, “You said I am intelligent!”  Then I asked him to help another child with the math and his response was “He will never learn if he copies.”  Perhaps he is becoming a bit too confident!

Will you pray for Sebastian?  Pray we are able to help him fill in the gap with academics.  Pray for his family situation.  Pray he feels love by those involved in ministering to him.  We know God has a plan for his life!

Thank you Rich & Stacey Strabbing for investing in the life of Sebastian!


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