It’s the Little Things

God has given me a heart for the people of Guatemala, but he did not wire my brain for Guatemala.  Soy, on the other hand, has the much more relaxed, go with the flow, mindset for living in Guatemala.  Here are a few examples of just this past week.

Of course I have it timed to the minute what time I need to leave the house in order to have Lizzi at school on time.  This specific morning there was traffic for some unknown reason so I decided to take a short cut down a one-way road.  Out of nowhere a “traffic cop” blew his whistle at me.  Where did this guy come from?  Everyone makes up their own road rules!  I had to turn the car around, get back in traffic, and we completely missed the tardy bell.

I needed to buy 130 notebooks for our English and tutoring classes.  In the U.S., I usually prefer to shop before 6 am, but the store here doesn’t open until 8 am.  I went to the one register that was opened.  I told the guy how many notebooks I had.  He looked at every notebook to make sure they were the same and scanned all 130 notebooks one-by-one!  Was there a line of people waiting–Yes!  Inside my head I was screaming, but I had to wait calmly because I don’t want to be known as the crazy American.

We prayed for God to provide a car large enough for a couple of extra people to ride with us.  We didn’t realize that our car would be used as transportation for a lot of kids.  Two of our kids from the feeding center were walking to school so I gave them a ride.  When we arrived at their stop the boy tried to open the door from the outside.  He didn’t know how to open the door using the inside handle!   Everyday, I transport the tutoring kids from the center to the local park to meet their parents.  Most of them wait until I come and open the door for them because they don’t know how to use the inside handle either.

Yesterday when I dropped the kids off at the park, one of the girls informed me she rides a taxi van to her house everyday.  I still have the teacher mindset of needing a note from the parents and being responsible for them.  Of course she told me lived pretty close.  Whatever!  In addition to not living extremely close, five o’clock Friday traffic was awful.  Obviously she has moved since her first time at the feeding center, but the family realizes the benefits of the center.

Daisy, Ingrid, Soy, and myself are the teachers for the tutoring program in the afternoon.  Daisy and Ingrid teach reading.  Soy and I teach math.  Soy’s group seems to have the most fun.  Yesterday, I divided the kids into four groups and assigned them to a teacher.  When I told one group to walk to Soy’s table, a boy exclaimed “Yes!”  I am sure there’s a lot of learning going on with Soy!


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