Brandon, Cristian, & Brayan

The children at the feeding center know the procedures of the center, and they are all friends.  You can imagine being a six-year old boy and walking into a “classroom” with 55  new students.  This is exactly what happened almost two weeks ago as Brayan entered as our 110th child.  He became overwhelmed and the tears started to flow.  The only thing he repeated was “I want my house.”  The bribery of Legos and candy did not phase him.  Daisy, my helper, comforted him and began to feed him his food.  He quickly realized this is food with great taste and started feeding himself.  Once the music began he was singing the songs with the other kids.  However, the kids know how to manage the stations, clean up, etc so he still felt a bit lost.  Brandon and Cristian took the initiative to basically keep him by their sides the entire time.  They made sure he knew what to do in the groups as well as the bus ride home.  This past Monday, Brayan shed a few more tears, but Cristian and Brandon showed him extreme kindness.

Cristian is a very sweet, smart boy who is successful in his academics.  His favorite food is fish and he wants to be a soccer player when he grows up.  He lives with his parents and two siblings.

Thank you Rob and Reb Nevin for sponsoring this sweet child!

Brandon is a very respectful, nine-year old boy,   His favorite food is salad, and his favorite subject is math.  He wants to serve in the military when he grows up.  He lives with his mother and two older brothers.

Thank you Motlow Creek Church for investing in the life of this precious boy!

Left to Right:  Brandon, Brayan, Cristian



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