April 17th

When we return in Feburary we knew our focus for the first month would have to be the children at the feeding center.  It has taken us a bit longer than planned and we are still discussing ways to improve things.

In December we made the commitment to the kids at My Special Treasure School to continue teaching English and computer classes.  Last week, we began teaching Englsih and computer classes to grades fifth through 9th on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  We love the children and the vision of the ministry.

In March the children at the center gave me their report cards.  I spent about two weeks analyzing the report cards and talking to the teachers of struggling students.  This past Sunday night I met with the parents of students who need a little extra help in language and/or math.  The students will now receive small group tutoring after all of the other children have left the feeding center.  The first day of tutoring was a good day!

Thanks to Tyrone and Larry Crawley and Norman Hammock our ministry has the Jesus Film in Spanish and Kaqchikel.  GRACE Ministries has graciously allowed us to use their equipment to show the movie.  This past Saturday night Soy and Benjamin Labriel joined a local church in San Juan Sacatepéquez and showed the movie.  The movie was shown as part of an evangelistic outreach for the community through the church.  We are praying God allows us to show the movie many more times.

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