April 13th

Over the past couple of weeks, we have been privileged to have a couple of teams serve the children at the feeding center.  The structure of the feeding center is designed people of every age can help in some capacity.  The picture below is of Mr. Jack, 74 years old, practicing math flash cards with the children.   Ms. Faye, 88 years old, spent one afternoon with the children and presented me with baby dolls to give as special gifts for the girls.  Our prayer is to still be serving at the ages of 74 and 88!

We were blessed to have team members from Lakeside Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama, to serve at the center yesterday.   It is always great to have extra help and the children love the extra attention from the team members.  Hopefully it is only the beginning of their involvement with the feeding center!


We have stayed busy as Daisy and I spent Wednesday going to the schools to talk to the teachers about ways we can help the struggling students.  I can’t even describe the number of kids at the school for Santo Domingo.  The main question from some of the children was “How can I be part of the feeding center?”  The need is always great.  There were a few boys who became very nervous when we walked into their classroom.  I couldn’t help but to laugh.  We will continue to be present in the schools to help the kids in the area of academics.   Pray we find favor with the teachers and the administrators.

I have been determined to develop structure in our lives.  Soy just laughs at me.  I provided a list of “school” things for Sydney to complete with our babysitter.  That evening I asked Sydney how she did at school.  She said, “It was a little bad with a whole lot of good!”  (My babysitter had already informed me that Sydney was not interested in doing “hard” work). Yesterday, Audrey and Sydney were fighting over a baby doll so my babysitter told them that neither of them could play with the doll.  Sydney said, “This is not how we do it in Alabama!”  My babysitter simply replied, “You are now in Guatemala!”


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