What Can We Bring?

I often have people ask me “What can we bring to help the feeding center?”  I have compiled a list of things that are used at the feeding center.  Many of the things we can buy in Guatemala but they are more expensive or difficult to find.   As we try to be good stewards of our resources, the list will change based on the need.

–Watercolors          –Sentence Strips (Dollar Tree)       –Colored Pencils                     –Play-Doh     –Crayons        –Coloring Books        –Craft Sticks      –Googly Eyes                 –Glue                –Markers          –Pencils      –Pens      –Construction Paper                   –Cardstock      –Glue Sticks (Mini & Large)     –BOOKS (Spanish & Bilingual)           –Math Flash Cards       –White Boards (Dollar Tree)      –Expo Markers                        –Handwriting Paper    –Cheap White Paper Plates (For Crafts)                                    –Board/Card Games   –Sidewalk Chalk    –Any Type of Outside Toy


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