This blog is only two days late!  We said our good-byes and we were on a plane to Guatemala this past Tuesday morning.   We had zero problems with our flights and landed safely in Guatemala City around 1:00 pm.  In some ways it seems like we were only gone for a few days.

We enjoyed being home as we were able to celebrate Soy’s grandpa’s 90th birthday, meet 2 new nephews and 2 new nieces, visit all of our family, and speak at several churches.  It was a full 6 weeks and we were very blessed.

My girls are happy to be back in their house.  Sydney exclaimed “My room is amazing!”  Let’s hope she feels the same way in a few days.  The girls stayed home with Soy yesterday.   Audrey bascially stayed in trouble all day.  She has been very spoiled the past two months and she is now back to reality.   My mawmaw would say her behavior is probably because she doesn’t feel good.  However, she is not sick.

I spent yesterday with my dad buying groceries for the team and our family.  I practiced driving into the city with my dad.   My goal is to be comfortable driving to a few places in the city within the next couple of months.  My other choice is to shop with Soy for the rest of my life.

We attempted to buy school supplies for Lizzi.  We were not very successful so we will try again today.  Lizzi did begin school at 7:30 this morning!  She is going to a private school located at the Chimaltenango seminary.  On the way to school Lizzi said she is pretty sure she will do great in English class.  Let’s hope so!  I think she is ready and it will force her to learn the langauge.

Side note for those who read my dad’s blog–I was not late picking up my dad yesterday.  He simply was not where he was suppose to be.  The man told me he had left his shop 20 minutes earlier.  Since he has the patience of a Turrentine, I knew he would only wait for about five minutes before walking to the mission house.  Driving around Chimaltenango looking for a white man was not on my agenda.  I was making one more trip around the square before heading up to the mission house.  I actually was going to send Soy back down to try to find him!

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