February 6th

The past two days have consisted of Soy building with the team and my survival at the feeding center.  There will be 55 children on each day and I am thankful for the new worker, Daisy, as she has been a tremendous help!  To everyone who bought or provided the money for Legos, the kids say “Thank You!”  The Legos and play-doh were a huge hit.  We will slowly add more structure and activities throughout the next few months.  Our hope is that people from the teams will assist in helping with the daily activities for the kids.

We had a successful meeting with the parents from the feeding center.  They are excited about the upcoming year for the kids.  Krista Arendsen did an outstanding job on painting murals at the feeding center/church.  She is very talented.

The team is feeding the kids at My Special Treasure School this week.  I am always thrilled at the positive response from the people who serve in the ministry.  The kids are precious and they are wall-to-wall as they have added more students.  They understand the importance of teaching the children about the love of Christ.



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