Short-Term Missions

Since last June, we have had the unique opportunity of watching teams utilize the mission house provided by GRACE Ministries on a weekly basis. Like many of you, we find ourselves asking the question “Does short term missions really make a difference in the lives of the people?” The teams usually spend five days building houses, distributing food and clothes, holding medical clinics, or teaching Bible school. You have to wonder if meeting temporary needs have an eternal impact.   Is “sacrificing” 8 days of your time and your financial resources really worth it?

In the fall, Pastor Lazaro asked Gloria to share a testimony of how her life has been transformed. When we listened to her speak, we left with full confidence that short missions has an eternal effect.   This is one of the many stories of a family who says “Thank You!” Thank you to each person who spends the time and money to travel to Guatemala so people can know about the salvation through Jesus Christ.

They are eternally grateful!

Click the link to watch Gloria’s 9 minute testimony.

Gloria’s Testimony


Gloria and her children are faithful to serving in the church.  Her two teenage girls are involved in our English classes.  We are able to be an extension of the short term missions trips.


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