January 21st

We are now in countdown mode for returning to Guatemala! We celebrated Sydney’s birthday on Saturday with our family. We are purposely waiting to assemble one of her gifts when we return to Guatemala. As of yesterday, she once again informed us that she will be staying in Grand Bay. We are hoping bribery works.

Yesterday, Soy and I traveled to Weptumpka, Alabama, to speak at Thelma Baptist Church.  Soy strongly dislikes speaking, but he was pumped to see BJ Parson! The people of Thelma Baptist have been very gracious to the ministries in Guatemala. We are excited about working with them in the future.

It was a huge blessing to hear Bro. Doug Chappelle preach. His wife, Mrs. Vickie, was my kindergarten teacher and Bro. Doug served on staff at Friendship for many years. He preached with the power and authority of Adrian Rogers, the down-home charm of Junior Hill, and the inspired wisdom of David Jeremiah.    (Bro. Doug—I hope I remembered it exactly.  You can just make the check payable to me and send it to my post office box!)

We chose not to take our girls since it was a one-day trip.   They enjoyed spending the day with my mom and dad. We called my dad to let him know we were just going to stay overnight since we were tired and it just didn’t seem safe to drive. He gave us a pity party about how the girls were missing us. He changed his tune compared to the previous trips when we took the girls with us!





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