January 18th

We enjoyed this past weekend as we spoke at Ethelsville Baptist Church on Sunday morning.  Their church is excited about becoming more involved in Guatemala missions and the feeding center.  Jordan and Lana are always gracious hosts to us, and we enjoy spending time with them.

We left Ethelsville, Alabama, and drove to Danville, Alabama.  It was a cold night but Danville Baptist had a great Sunday night crowd.  We were thrilled to have Dr. Rex Looney from Crosspointe Church join us for the service.  He is a faithful reader to my dad’s blog which leaves me completely confused.  Uncle Eddie (Teddie & Freddie’s brother) stayed for the service and then drove to Ohio for work at 8 am on Monday!  Those Turrentines require about 2 hours of sleep each night–they just aren’t right.  Danville Baptist is a huge part of the ministries for GRACE and SLAM.  We are grateful for Pastor Joe David and Danville Baptist.

We were able to spend time with my Granny and Aunt Sue at the Cracker Barrel for lunch on Monday.  Our biggest success was finding Uncle Gene’s pretzels!  Pretzels!  My pops’ favorite pretzels, but they no longer make them.  We have searched multiple Cracker Barrel’s but no luck in finding them.  We found 11 bags at the Cracker Barrel in Hartselle, Alabama, and we bought all of them!  We spent time with my cousin, Jamie, and her family on Monday evening and Tuesday so my girls were happy.

Our girls were awaken to see “huge” snowflakes on Tuesday morning.  Our girls played in the snow at Jamie’s house making snow angels and trying to having a snow ball fight.  About thirty minutes in the snow was enough cold for them.

Our Christmas plans consisted of leaving on December 26 to travel to Texas.   My dad tried to strongly persuade us to leave on December 25th due to the long ride for the girls. On Christmas morning he even offered to pay for the hotel room if we would begin our travels a day early.  He was not so lucky!

We decided to travel home this past Tuesday afternoon as our girls were ready to be back in Grand Bay.  My dad strongly encouraged us to wait until Wednesday to travel as the roads conditions were not suitable for driving.  Phone calls and iMessages could not convince us to stay another night away from Grand Bay.

Bottom line is we are using his electricity and eating his food!  Why would we want to stay in a hotel?  We love it when he walks in and complains about how hot it is in the house!   Our girls love to freely eat all of the Little Debbie cakes from the pantry.  Yesterday, I caught Audrey (3 years old) trying to pour her a cup of Mountian Dew.

I have requested the sponsor families for the feeding center to send me a family photo to give to their child.  As of right now, I have 8 family photos.  I only need 98 more pictures! If you sponsor a child from the feeding center, please send a photo to P.O. Box 513, Grand Bay, AL, 36541.

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