On the Road Again!

While we were at Motlow Creek Church, Mrs. Sandra informed me that she reads my dad’s blog, but does not read mine!  It has taken me a week to get over this fact.  This is my excuse for not blogging!

This past Sunday we were blessed as we enjoyed time with Bro. Lloyd and Ginger Stancil at Rosebud Baptist Church.  Their church has been an encourager and supporter of our ministry from the very beginning.  I always love spending time with their daughter, Belinda Dumas,  although I think she tagged along looking for free lunch!  I am looking forward to Mrs. Ginger, Belinda, and Bonnie visiting us in Guatemala!

We traveled from Atlanta to Campobello, South Carolina to share with the great people at Motlow Creek Baptist.  We were not able to visit with Bro. Terry, but we enjoyed seeing everyone else.  Motlow Creek is very supportive of SLAM and GRACE Ministries, and they are always willing to serve in any way needed.  Mrs. Sandra and Mrs. Blaire were very gracious to us as they treated us to supper.  We even started the process of planning a Guatemala wedding–right MeMe!?

We woke up early on Monday morning to meet Soy’s parents at Pigeon Forge, TN.  We dropped the kids off, ate lunch, and traveled to Atlanta for the game.  It was our first National Championship game and our first time riding the MARTA–both were an experience.  We made it back to our car at 2 am on Tuesday morning and drove back to Pigeon Forge.  If you follow Soy on FB or Instagram then you are aware that he had a great time.  We are grateful that my dad has promised us tickets to the next National Championship.game–or something like that!

My girls loved spending time with Soy’s parents this past week.  We were blessed to have perfect weather and an extremely low crowd everywhere we visited.  The girls have definitely been spoiled.

Yesterday we traveled to Birmingham, and we will continue our travels today to Ethelsville, AL.  We will be with Pastor Jordan Lollar at Ethelsville Baptist Sunday morning, and we will be with Pastor Joe David Bailey at Danville Baptist Sunday night.  We will spend Monday and Tuesday visiting my dad’s family and my grandparents.  We are hoping for snow on Tuesday. (Jamie and I are hoping Eddie is home so he can buy our meals!)

We hear people tell us the reason they do not visit Guatemala is because of how dangerous Guatemala is.  On Monday night, Georgia kicked a field goal and there was a loud firework type of boom that was heard.  Another woman and I immediately looked at each other and questioned the sound.  We agreed that it was probably not the best choice of sound effects for the game.  Yesterday morning, Soy went outside to start loading the car, but he discovered the driver’s side window had been smashed in.  Apparently someone was just upset as they smashed in the windows of two other vehicles but took nothing.  We had to laugh at the irony of the dangers in Guatemala versus the dangers in the U.S.

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