On the Road!

I am quickly writing the blog from Holiday Inn near Atlanta, Georgia.  We are excited about spending this week traveling to some of the churches who support our ministry.  We will have the opportunity to share with them how God is using them to help us serve in Guatemala.  Please pray that we will have safety on the road as we travel.

January 7 a.m.–Rosebud Baptist Church–Logansville, GA                                                                 January 7 p.m.–Motlow Creek Baptist Church, Campobello, SC                                       January 14 a.m.–Ethelsville Baptist Church, Ethesville, AL                                                           January 14 p.m.–Danville Baptist Church, Danville, AL                                                    January 21 p.m.–Thelma Baptist Church, Weptumpka, AL

My girls are excited about spending a few days in Pigeon Forge with their paternal grandparents.  They will also be the time to tell them goodbye as we will travel back to Guatemala in a few weeks so the time will be treasured.

Soy is excited because his favorite father-in-law gave us two tickets to the National Championship Game.  I am trying to convince him to sell them–my dad would never know!

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