Jonathan’s Christmas!


If you have worked with us in the past few months you have probably met Jonathan.  Jonathan does odd jobs for us in order to make money for necessities for his family.   In November he worked extra days to buy his family members a gift from him. We took him to Wal Mart (his first time ever) and he was so proud to buy them.

Some of the people from Danville Baptist showed him kindness this past October as he worked with them   Several people sponsored his family during Christmas   Mandy Bowling was the leader in this project and Willard Garnett delivered the gifts.  We wrapped them and left them in our garage until December 24th. Jonathan carried them all to his house where they opened them at midnight on December 24th.   Jonathan sent us pictures and asked us to express his thanks to “Willard’s Church”  LOL!

Jonathan’s sister, Rosy, is involved in the feeding center program and his family is faithful to GRACE church.  Thank you to each person who made their Christmas extra special!

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