Christmas List!

Often people will ask us about needs for our ministry.   We have not done an adequate job in letting people know how they can help us minister in certain areas.  However, we have made a short Christmas wish list for SLAM.

All financial gifts are tax-deductible!

Bounce House & Cotton Candy Machine–Cost: $1000.00.  Purpose:  To be used in communities for block parties and to serve as an incentive for the feeding center and other ministries.

Fence for Soccer Field–Cost: $1500.00.   Purpose:  To limit the hundreds of trips chasing the ball down the side of the mountain!  Thelma Baptist was gracious in building very nice soccer goals for the kids at the feeding center.  They are used on a daily basis by kids and adults.  However, if you have ever played with the kids then you know they spend the majority of the time running down the “cliff” to chase the ball.  The 6 foot chain link fence would be excellent in improving the play area for the kids.  This is a huge “want” on our list!

LED Projector--Cost: $200. Purpose:  To use the projector in teaching our computer class and to teach at the feeding center.

Children’s Spanish Books–Cost:  Under $15. Purpose:  To provide the children with opportunities to read a variety of literature.  Books are usually not a priority for the schools or families.  We would love to provide the kids at the feeding center with a variety of books in complete Spanish and Bilingual books.  There are lots of classic books in Spanish.  The I Can Read Bible series provides excellent stories in Spanish and English.

I am not a CPA and do not give financial advice, but I am copying the following from my dad’s blog:

A new tax law was passed by Congress this week and will soon be signed by President Trump.  It has sweeping changes and could affect charitable giving beginning January 1, 2018.  Our CPA has advised us that folks, if possible, should make their charitable gifts in 2017 instead of waiting until 2018.  In his words, “a person will get more bang for their buck” by doing this.  He has already given his church offering for January – June of 2018 so he obviously believes what he is saying.  

Merry Christmas!

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