December 18th

We had the opportunity to visit some precious friends this past weekend.  Decker and Martha Terry have been extremely kind to us and our ministry this past year.  My parents have always spoken kind words about them so we were excited to spend some time with them.  They are supporters of SLAM and GRACE, and yet they have never been to Guatemala.  However, they are prayer warriors and they know the importance of storing up your treasures in Heaven.  They are the real deal.

Ken and Katheryn Huff graciously allowed us to stay with them on Thursday night.  They have been blessed with a nice home and a yard filled with geese, ducks, and chickens.  My girls had a blast feeding and chasing the birds.  We were able to spend time visiting with Josh, Mandi, and Ruby Fortner while at Ken and Katherine’s house.  The Lord brought them into our lives several years ago and we are grateful He did.  We love them.

Since we were so close to Birmingham, Soy was insistent on spending a day shopping at the Galleria!   We enjoyed the Polar Express with cousins, watching movies, and shipping.  It was a blessed weekend.

Of course we loved being at our home church, Friendship Baptist, yesterday.  I had the privilege to share a little about the our past six months serving in Guatemala.  We do not ever feel like we adequately express how much we love and appreciate the people from Friendship.  They encourage, support, and pray for us continuously.

Our schedule for January is full so this meant my dad graciously gave up a Sunday in December to allow us to speak.  We know Sundays in December are precious to pastors and we appreciate his willing to give us time to share.   We are grateful!



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