October 2nd

As I am waiting to leave for El Salvador, we are watching the horrific news about the shooting in Las Vegas.  Our heart breaks for the families.  A few months ago I talked with a Guatemalan lady who currently lives in the U.S.  Ironically, she shared with me how she thinks it is extrememly dangerous to live in the states.   We live in a spiritually dark world.

I am walking out the door to travel with Tico Vargas and Ben Labriel to El Salvador.  I am not going to lie, I am excited to hear preaching in English!  Pray it is a refreshing, renewing time for the pastors and their wives.  Pray for Soy and the girls as they remain at home.

Apparently, yesterday Guatemala celebrated Children’s Day?!  We fed our girls so we considered them celebrated.  Soy and the girls are invited to attend a children’s celebration at My Special Treasure School  today.  The girls should enjoy it!

Ingrid, our babysitter,  invited the girls to a “Children’s Day” at her church this past Saturday.  We have known Ingrid’s family for years so we allowed them to participate.  Somehow my girls managed to make their way to Ingrid’s house to play (Ingrid’s family lives in a house on the second level of the church)  At lunch, Lizzi and Sydney told me a detailed story about how Ingrid’s grandmother and mother were taking feathers out of the chicken and tearing off the wings.  They were not disturbed by it at all as they explained that her family is going to cook it for food!

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