We are overwhelmed with gratitude of how God is using people to invest in our ministry.  Honestly, He is leaving us speechless and in awe as we watch Him move in ways only He can move.

Several weeks ago, I was talking to a lady from Guatemala.  She was very complimentary of our work in Chimaltenango and continued to talk about how there are “good” people in the world.  She believes in God, but she knows He is too busy with “big” problems to care about the small things in our lives.  I am thankful to serve a personal God who cares about even the small things in my life.

Last week I made a comment to Soy about how I would love to eat fried shrimp.  Isn’t it funny how you always want what is not available?  We laughed and thought nothing more about it.  When my mom was unpacking her bags on Tuesday night she smiled as she pulled out a box of frozen shrimp!  She looked at me and said “I thought I would fry some shrimp while I am here!”  Is fried shrimp a need in our lives? No.  Do we need the extra calories? No.  However, I had to laugh as my conversation with the lady about God being impersonal replayed in my mind.  He is a personal God who cares about the small things!

Many of you know that our four year old daughter, Sydney, is always providing us with a list of reasons of why Alabama is better than Guatemala.  After only being her a few weeks, she stated Alabama is better than Guatemala because they have a huge elephant.  “Sydney, when did you become a devoted Alabama football fan?”  On Wednesday night, my mom gave them beautiful Alabama quilts made by Mrs. Marie Brooks.  Mrs. Marie gave them a “piece of Alabama” and my girls were thrilled.  Sydney’s eyes lit up when she saw the Alabama quilt with her personal name monogrammed on it!  What a kind act of love!

My girls were very happy when Mimi took them to the waterpark.  It does not bother them to scoot down the slide!

Today, Thuy Tran is scheduled to arrive in Guatemala.  This will be her first time to travel to Guatemala and she is doing it solo.  Thuy is a long time friend and we are excited that she will be with us for the next week.  Thinking about setting up a booth on the side of the street in Antigua and letting her do nails to raise ministry money for us?  We love Thuy!

Well, he did it!  My Uncle Eddie & Aunt Sue purchased five of the ten computers and he challenged others to purchase the other five by this week’s end.  Folks responded and the mission was accomplished by Wednesday night.  One of the “buyers” is the youngest GA class (1st & 2nd graders) at Friendship Baptist taught by Miss Amy Huhn.  Thank you Miss Amy and girls.  (Maybe Miss Amy is thinking about when her son, Zach, moves to the other side of the world as a missionary)

The computers have been ordered but have been delayed getting to Grand Bay because of Hurricane Harvey.  They are now scheduled to arrive next week.  We shall see!

We have a major praise to share but cannot do so until at least Monday.  All I can say is “God is good!”

















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