August 4th

Last week Soy and I were traveling home from language school using the El Tejar dirt road.  The El Tejar road makes Turkey Farm road in Grand Bay feel smooth.  As we were driving, I asked Soy to name one positive thing about the road.  We have not been able to think of any positives yet!  On Tuesday night, the group hosted the governor of Chimaltenango for dinner.  He told my dad the necessary steps to take in order for the government to fix the road!  Hopefully, we will have a smooth ride for us and everyone else who travels the bumpy, dirt road.

We thoroughly enjoyed the group this past week.  I learned that Bro. Rex Looney is the #1 reader for my dad’s blog–one of life’s greatest mysteries!  Brian Ellis and Ashley Holladay are not first cousins!  Baby (I am assuming this is a nickname) chose to take a nap instead of visiting a family with me.  Mrs. Caroline makes the best biscuits!  The leaders from My Special Treasure School are still smiling from ear to ear!  Mrs. Kathy Genzink takes really long  lunch breaks!  Simply wearing a sleeveless shirt and belt does not make you look like Ross!  This group ate a lot of pizza and drank a lot of coffee!  Eric was the highlight of the dinner for the governor and police!  The group spoiled my girls!

We are thrilled to know that five people from the team and five people from Chimaltenango lives are forever changed because of Jesus!  Priceless!

No one enjoyed the group more than Soy!  On Thursday morning he had to say good-bye to the group, and on Thursday night he had to say good-bye to my dad.  It will be a tough next few days for him.  He is now back to reality!

Soy is excited that Mrs. Jan Kapenga has invited our family to eat with their team (Central Wesleyan – Holland, MI) this week.  She is known for her cakes, rolls, etc.  As long as she feeds Soy then he will love her for life!



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