Happy Anniversary

Happy 60th anniversary to my maternal grandparents, Pops and Maw-Maw!  For sixty years they have demonstrated the true meaning of love and commitment.  They have shown what it means to selflessly serve each other.  The have honored their vows to each other and God.  They didn’t have a glamorous wedding, but they have a beautiful marriage.  He spoils her and she spoils him.  Maw-maw never has to pump gasoline into her car and pops never has to iron his own clothes.  They put each others needs above their own wants or needs.  Regardless of what life brings, they have never wavered from their commitment to each other.  They have prioritized their love for the Lord, their family, and each other.  We know that is an absolute blessing to be able to celebrate 60 years of marriage with my grandparents.  We admire their love and devotion for each other.

We wish we were there to celebrate with them!  However, I am sure I can get ahold of pops’ credit card and do some online shopping!  Maw-maw just let me know what type of jewelry you want!

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