July 26th!

My girls were in heaven last night as “Poppy” arrived at our house!  He brought the Legos that we had to leave in Alabama so it was like Christmas in July.  When we got home from langauge school the girls immediately started telling us all about the food Poppy brought with him (Ravioli and Corned Beef Hash).    Lizzi spent her night looking at an American Girl Doll magazine.  It’s the little things!  They have been counting down the days Poppy would come because that means supper at Burger King!  Sydney informed me that she will be going back to Alabama with Poppy and they are leaving tomorrow.  Sweet Ms. Annie sent Soy a headlamp flashlight just in case he has to walk down the dark road.

We are sooo excited to see some familiar faces tomorrow!  Soy is excited because he is guaranteed great meals with Ms. Caroline here!

Tim Knighten is accusing me of making mistakes on my blog–Unbelievable!


One thought on “July 26th!

  1. Love this! I miss all of you but especially these beautiful girls! Y’all are in our prayers and we are so proud of you in a Christ way!


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