July 12th

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.  Jeremiah 29:11

Last summer Mr. David Bosarge came on a typical mission trip to serve and spend time with Sergio, his sponsored child from the feeding center.  I was unaware that this would be the first time for him to ever meet sweet Sergio.  When Sergio was told that Mr. David was there, he immediately ran up to him and embraced him with a huge hug.  If you know Mr. David then you are aware that he is a tall man especially to the Guatemalans standards.  Watching Mr. David bend to his knees with tear-filled eyes as he hugged this sweet Guatemalan boy was almost too much to handle.

In June we were able to attend a baptismal service in a “hot” springs pool with Lazaro’s church.  I was standing in the back when I saw Alex approach Amy Reynold’s with a hug.  The look on Amy’s face of pure joy was priceless as she hugged Alex and the rest of his family.  Amy held the little sister in her arms as Alex did not leave Amy’s side.  Alex knows he is loved.  Will and Amy have sponsored Alex for years and Amy continues to love on Alex and his family every summer.  (I did overhear Alex ask his mom why Will does not love him enough to come visit him in Guatemala–or something like that)

When Phillip and Claire Turner come to Guatemala they will let you know their plans for that week.  The days that Yesica is at the feeding center, they are going to be right beside her!  They are going to spend every possible moment letting Yesica know that she is loved and valued.  They are going to make time to buy groceries and sit in the family’s home.  They are going to allow Yesica’s siblings to climb all over them, and to eat the fruit from the family as a thank you gift.  Claire is going to shed some tears as she says good-bye to Yesica.

What is the purpose and vision of the Feeding Center?  There are public schools in Guatemala, however, it cost money to purchase the uniforms and school supplies.  The parents can’t afford to pay for the uniforms and school supplies especially for multiple children. (Minimum wage is around $1.30)  A child can be more valuable in the fields to help provide for the family also.   Each child’s sponsor sends $40 per month to provide the child with transportation to the center, three hours of tutoring, a birthday and Christmas gift, vitamins, and a balanced meal for three days a week.  The children are able to have help with their homework, enjoy playing on a playground or soccer field, learn songs, hear a Bible story, and eat a meal with meat, vegetables, and fruit.  Lazaro and Glendy, the directors of the center, do an excellent job at spiritually investing into the lives of the children.

I could give so many more examples of the positive influence the sponsors have with their children! These are only a few examples, but there are opportunities for you to make an eternal difference in the life of a child!

Is the Feeding Center making a difference?   How can I invest in a child?

To be continued on Friday!



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