July 10th

The spaghetti lunch for the kids at My Special Treasure School was a success.  It was their first time to eat spaghetti with cheese and a banana with peanut butter.  Every child had to be taught how to eat the banana with peanut butter!  I have enough Lisa Turrentine in me to know that I do not want to run out of food, however, I do not want to be wasteful either.  I searched several recipes and converted the ingredients to serve the desired number of people.  I went as far as researching  and calculating how many ounces of pasta, cups of meat, and cups of sauce each person could have.   Before you make the jokes about Alabama math, let me assure you I use a calculator several times to make sure I am correct.  On the way to the school, I start thinking of Plan B just in case I run out of food–How close is Pollo Campero and how much will it cost me?  I served the spaghetti to make sure everyone has the same amount in which I planned on serving  (Mrs. Caroline Ford taught me well).  When every child and teacher had been fed, I still had 2 1/2 pans of spaghetti remaining!  Principal Luis started calling the oldest kids for second servings and we would see how many were able to receive seconds.  Every child, with the exception of the kindergarten class (they were full), received a second serving!  One teenage girl stood in line for seconds and she exclaimed, “We will go home fat today!”  Your support is the reason they went home fat!  Thank You!

We had a good Sunday as we attended Lazaro’s church at the feeding center with        Bro. Keith Martin and Kennedy Baptist Church.  The group blessed each family with a bag of food!  The group has been gracious and generous to the families.

Today I will begin Spanish school in Antigua.   We have committed the next three months to focusing on the Spanish language.  Teaching me how to say Hola without five extra syllables and a southern accent may be the biggest miracle of all!   Not all of us are linguistics like Bernard Suthoff.   Soy will continue to build houses with the group.  He is posting pictures on his facebook page.

We are grateful for each of you!  Have a blessed day!


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