First Day Success!

After taking a couple of weeks to celebrate Christmas, we were thrilled to hear the chatter and laughter among the children at Colegio JET.   This morning we started our first day of the 2023 school year.   Here is a quick video with a few highlights of the day.  

To watch on Youtube :

We welcomed the first mission team for Grace Ministries this past Thursday.   It is great to have Curt and Sally Vruggink and Jeff and Nancy Westendorp lead a team to serve in Guatemala.  We are excited about the teams to follow in the next several weeks and months.       

We have spent the past two weeks planning and organizing things for 2023, but we have also reflected on 2022.  God was so good to us! 

In 2022 we saw the following numbers: 

-200 Houses Built

-310 North Americans Serve through Grace Ministries 

-18 Short Term Mission Teams 

-3700 Bags of Food Provided to Families

-180 Days of School at Colegio J.E.T. 

-40 Days of Summer Camp

-38,500 Breakfasts Served 

-38,500 Lunches Served

-750 Food Bags Given to At-Risk Families  

-164 Students at Colegio J.E.T.  

-110 Families Represented at Colegio J.E.T. 

-27 Full Time Employees for G.R.A.C.E. Ministries 

-12 Students in the Work Program 

-198 Church Services at Iglesia J.E.T. 

This makes stand amazed at how God allows us to be part of His perfect story.  

We are excited about the days ahead of us!      

Our container arrived and was unloaded in December!   Thank you to each person who contributed to the items on the container!   

Our family was able to spend some time visiting family and friends in December.  We were so grateful to be able to visit many of our sweet, precious friends and family.  We treasured every single minute of the many visits.   

If you are a past sponsor or a new sponsor then you will receive an email within the next two weeks.  We are trying to get all of our ducks in a row with the new students.    

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