How Do You Choose?

The official 2022 school year ended a couple of weeks ago for Colegio JET. However, we have been very busy preparing for 2023. Many times people will ask us “How do you choose which children are allowed to attend Colegio JET?”

During the month of September we begin accepting applications for the upcoming year.

Applications--Once the applications are completed, a group of our Guatemalan workers visit the houses.

House Visits–At the house visits, the workers evaluate the situation and ask specific questions to the family.

Consultation–After the applications and house visits the group of four Guatemalans meet with me to discuss every single application. We wish there was a very formula to determine acceptance. However, we spend a lot of time talking and praying about which students to choose.

Whole Group Meeting–At this meeting the parents are explained in great detail the expectations of our school. This information ranges from attendance to transportation to uniforms.

Individual Meetings–The parents meet with one worker to answer any questions or concerns about the child or school

Contract Signing–The parents sign a contract agreeing to the rules and expectations of our school.

Yesterday, we had our first signing of contracts for the new students for 2023! Julio, Delmy, and Chino did an excellent job in organizing, preparing, and meeting with every parent. Tania helped us by giving some of the older students math and reading exams to see if they qualify to enter our school. (The teachers and students are actually off on Monday and Tuesday of this week. I really appreciate the help on their off days).

I stood off to the side and watched each person sign the contract. I watched one grandmother and two young boys walk to the table to sign the contract. Their needs were extremely evident. However, I knew we only had the name for one child. The grandmother asked Chino if we would consider accepting the other little boy also. After consulting with others and looking at the roster, Chino told the little 9 year old boy that he could attend Colegio JET. The boys eyes lit up and a huge smile came across his face. The grandmother and two of the cutest little boys did not walk away without giving hugs and expressing their gratitude to us.

This is why we are here!

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Matthew 19:14

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