Christmas Wish List!

We have the privilege of sending things on a container from Alabama to Guatemala on November 15th! We are very limited in bringing things to Guatemala due to no delivery system and the weight of items.

A container allows us the opportunity to buy larger items for our ministry. We have made a list on Amazon to help people know our needs and wants!

You will see the list has school supplies which can be brought in suitcases. We added these items because they are always needed in the classrooms. We have 1 class per grade in kindergarten through tenth. There are 20 students in each class.

We are ready to start a library with books in English! Next year, we will be English immersion for grades kindergarten through second grade. We will need lots of beginner level books for the students. New or gently used books are greatly appreciated!

How can you help fill the container?

Order online through AMAZON.

Give a Donation online through GRACE MINISTRIES

When it the deadline?

We need all items delivered by November 10th!

Share! Share! Share!

(I prioritized the larger items. I did not put a quantity on every school supply. We will have almost 200 students in 2023. That’s a lot of pencils, crayons, glues, etc).

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