Serving Others!

We are very appreciative for the teams who are willing to step “outside of the box” in order to minister in different ways. We are privileged to have Goss Baptist Church on Grace Mountain this week. Pastor Brian Malone and his team graciously served the elderly in our community with a devotion, lunch, and bags of food. The officials of El Tejar try to have lunch for the elderly at least once a month, so they were excited to have us partner with them. However, we had no idea if this was going to be a really good event or a really bad event. Thankfully, everything turned out great!

How did this open more doors for us? After observing the people and the space, we agreed with the government officials to partner with them for the next four months. The purpose is for our Colegio JET youth to begin serving the elderly. They will be responsible for planning the meal, cooking, serving, and sharing a devotion with the elderly.

We have focused on the Biblical principles of serving others in need. Our teenage boys can basically build houses and pour concrete with their eyes closed. They know how to organize a food distribution without any problems. This is an opportunity for them to focus on building relationships.

We truly want our youth to develop a love for serving others! (Photos: Brian Malone).

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