A Lot of Noise!

The stretch of summer groups has come to an end, but it has not remained quiet on the mountain. The students finished the final days of third quarter. While all of our North American friends are posting “First Day of School” pictures, we are on the last stretch of our school year.

The noise at our school has consisted of so many reminders of the many great things God continues to do with our children.

I love the sound of the empty plates being piled high by the kitchen door. The children basically leave no leftovers for breakfast or lunch.

I can hear the noise from the classrooms as the children are busy learning in science, reading, math, music, and English. They are very loud during P.E.

Today I listened to a group of ninth grade students surprise a classmate with a birthday cake and coke. I loved this because it demonstrated how we celebrate each other.

Every day I have listened to students cheer loudly as they watch their friends play soccer. The students are competing in after school soccer games and the “Championship” game is on Saturday! Of course they receive sandwiches, chips, and cookies after the games.

I have listened to potential teachers teach lessons to our students. Isn’t it early to start looking for teachers to hire in 2023? Yes, but we spend months praying about the teachers who come to work alongside us.

Today, I have listened to the students say “Thank You” as they walked through the food distribution line. Tomorrow is a work day for the teachers so the students will enjoy a 3 day weekend. The students received a large bag of vegetables, jelly, bread, beans, spaghetti, soup, and eggs. The cake auction money continues to feed the children. (Every week, we are able to give special food bags to the children who need a little extra at their home. My dad’s team brought us peanut butter which is added to the bags also).

Chino and Delmy were excited to be able to say “The paperwork received the final approval!” We now have accreditation for an English and Spanish Academy! This will allow us to provide our students and community one more opportunity to better their future.

A lot of noise. A lot of fun. A lot of children.

All for HIS Glory!

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