Cake Auction Success!

We are in complete awe of the success from the cake auction! Last week, I made a budget to spend $3500 to feed the families at the school. We were very careful about choosing food that provide lots of nutrients and protein. Due to the increase prices on food, we were over budget by about $1500 on the food bags. I was praying that the cake auction would bring in $5000 to cover the expenses. On Sunday morning, I thought “Wouldn’t it be amazing if God blessed the cake auction and gave $10,000!” It would be miraculous.

During the cake auction, we were in the middle of nowhere so I couldn’t join in on FaceTime or Zoom. Daphne and Eddie Albritton kept me updated throughout the entire cake auction. The number kept increasing. I was thrilled when more than $5000 was raised because I knew it would cover the cost of the food!

At the end of the night, we stood in complete awe of how God used His people to meet the need. In Absolute Awe!!!

We do not even know how to adequately express how grateful we are to the people who gave to the cake auctions. Whether you baked a cake, bought a cake, or gave a donation–Thank You!

Since I had extra money, I was at the grocery store on Monday morning to buy peanut butter and sardines for the children who need a little extra protein. Some of our teachers and workers helped us load 425 bags of food plus 150 bags of groceries plus 375 dozen eggs. The parents and children met us in specified locations to receive the food. Some of them had to walk a distance to receive the food which made it difficult to carry the food home. The young boys on the bicycle taxis started circling around hoping to make a little extra money. One of our teenage girls came by herself to receive a bag of food. She was overwhelmed by all of food given to her. We paid a bicycle taxi to take her and the food back to her house. The women in one community know how to balance a lot of food on their heads!

What are we going to do with the extra money given to buy food? We will buy food! We are only praying about to use it best for the children.

I loved when one of the teenage boys hugged me and thanked me for the food. I whispered to him that if he needs any extra food this week then to send a specific teacher a message. I knew that during the last week-long break from school he sent a message to one of our teachers stating that he didn’t have any food. Our teacher went and bought food for him and his siblings for the week. This week he will not have to worry about it!

We were in complete shock over the amount given, but were we surprised? Nope! We love how God always exceeds our expectations. Every. Single. Time.

Here is another example of how God provides for our ministry. Several weeks ago we made the decision to purchase a new sound system for the school and church. Juan Marcos is the sound and computer expert for our ministry. He gave me a list of the equipment to purchase, but it cost way too much. I have kept the list for 2 years! However, it became obvious the sound equipment was a necessity at this point in our ministry. On a Tuesday afternoon, we totaled up the price for all of the equipment and asked God to provide. Only Chino, Vernick, and myself knew about the price and the prayer. On Wednesday afternoon, my dad called to tell me that someone wanted to donate money to a specific need. They had already written the check. The check was almost to the exact penny of the cost for the sound equipment! We actually had an extra $30!

We stand in complete awe!

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