Last night we had the privilege of celebrating the 15th birthday for 6 of our girls. These girls celebrated a birthday at some point during January through June. They began the day eating breakfast at San Martins followed by hair and make up. They wore beautiful dresses, sparkly shoes, glitzy jewelry, and tiaras. They felt like true princesses as they had their pictures taken by a professional photographer. They were beautiful!

Our new basketball court was a wonderful gathering place to serve all of the families and friends. It rained throughout the day so we were grateful to have a large, covered area. The group of North Americans and our teachers did an awesome job at decorating the ceremonial area and the tables. Mrs. Sandra Wilson made a beautiful cake. Mrs. Balvina, Ingrid, and Melissa cooked a delicious traditional meal.

All of the hard work was worth it because the girls were so happy. A quinceañera is a big deal in their culture and we want them to have the experience also. Their families were very grateful for the opportunity to bless their girls on this special day.

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