Only 7 People!

A million years ago Pastor Terry Rainey began to bring people from his church to serve in Guatemala. Pastor Terry was very influential in my life as a youth and early twenties. He preached numerous times at our summer youth camps, and was part of officiating our wedding. When I told him God had confirmed for us to serve full time in Guatemala he simply replied, “Deidra we knew this years ago.”

As a result of his leadership, people from his church and area are continuing to come to Guatemala. Mrs. Sandra Wilson is the fearless leader! Most of the Guatemalans call her Nana and have no idea her real name. Mrs. Sandra was worried because they were only able to bring 7 people to serve in Guatemala this year (thanks to all of the changing requirements), however, God has used the small group in a tremendous way. The team is like the Energizer Bunny–they never stop!

So what can 7 people do in one week?

They built 11 houses, attended revival service 4 nights, cooked and served 750 dinners, had 3 different food distributions for 300 people, provided food bags to our 125 school families, prepared lunch for a soccer game, spent quality time with their sponsored children, made a quinceañera cake, altered dresses, shared the Gospel at houses dedications, helped at the school, and played slip and slide kickball with the students!

Other than this, the team had a pretty relaxing time!

Why do I love this team so much? Because they have the “whatever it takes” attitude! They allow the Lord to use them wherever there is a need. If they would stay more than 6 days then we might be able to get some things accomplished!

They are such a huge blessing to all of us! They encourage us, pray for us, serve alongside us! We have been blessed by this tremendous team of 7 people from South Carolina!

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