The Walk A Mile Project & Many More!

We have welcomed many people to Grace Mountain this month.   This is very exciting for us.  We are able to share all of the great things God is doing in our church, our school, and our community.   

In just one week, we have worked alongside four different teams.  Bro. Eddie Burdette’s team blessed our children, teachers, and community tremendously.   Bro. Johnny Tucker preached a revival at Iglesia JET.  Johanna Roman brought the Garden Club from Texas to visit the children.  Bro. Mark Mast led a devotion with all of our students.  These are all familiar faces and we are so happy to have them back on Grace Mountain.   We are thrilled to have people hugging the children, offering high-fives and smiles, and telling the children about Jesus.   

Bro. Eddie Burdette is the director of The Walk a Mile Project.   His ministry brought a group from South Carolina to serve alongside Grace Ministries.  Bro. Eddie has been a dear friend for many years.  His team graciously allowed our teachers to partner with their group in serving with his team.  Bro. Eddie has a passion for serving the impoverished and telling people about the Gospel.  Our ministries share the same goal–to see people have a personal relationship with Christ–plain and simple.  

Listen to Bro. Eddie’s quick message about being back in Guatemala:

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