Sunday Baptisms!

The week before Easter we focused on clearly sharing the Gospel with our students. We talked in depth about what it means to be a follower of Christ. We had over 50 students choose to accept Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior. Pastor Adan has spent the past several weeks counseling the students to make sure they understand their decision.

On Sunday, 24 people were baptized in a local pool. It was a precious reminder of how our ministry is not a check list completed in a couple of weeks. But it is consistently investing in the lives of others. It is constantly showing them love. It is telling about salvation found on through Jesus Christ.

There is no value on a soul! Thank you to those who give towards our ministries! You are making an eternal difference!

Personal Note: One of the 24 people was our daughter, Lizzi. She has asked a lot of questions about salvation over the past year. We have allowed the Lord to deal with her little heart in His timing. We were honored to have my dad baptize her. Years ago, we were prepared to serve overseas on the other side of the world. We never imagined that we would be serving in Guatemala with our parents so involved in our lives (Soy loves every minute of the visits). Our daughters are growing up a little different than their friends in the states. However, Lizzi can now say she was baptized while staring at the Flintstones. Not to mention the pool was a just little dirty, the water was freezing, and they balanced a construction ladder to climb into the pool. Memories!

For more photos and videos of the baptisms, visit Soy’s facebook!

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