Happy Birthday Cristobal!

Cristobal–The only man who prefers to work rather than have a day off! For many years, Cristobal was the security for the feeding center area, but now he is responsible for all of the lawn care. If you come next year then you will immediately notice all of the beautiful flowers at the school. The side of the mountain that used to be dirt is now covered with such grass. The man can grow anything! Cristobal has a natural green thumb.

Cristobal is also our help whenever we need it. He has spent many Saturdays (his off day) helping me clean and organize the garage. He has saved me when I needed a battery for my car and Soy is not in the country. He always answers the phone when I need help at the school.

The best part is that he does it expecting nothing in return! He has a servants heart, and he is willing to help in any manner. He shows so much respect for his wife and helps with all five of his sons. One day Cristobal shared with me part of his story. He understands why it is important for the boys at our school to have real men influence their lives.

And the best part is Cristobal’s friend, Matthew, is coming to Guatemala today! What a perfect birthday gift!

Happy Birthday Cristobal!

(There are 2 men that Cristobal loves working with–Nate and Matthew. This picture is with Nate from a couple of weeks ago.)

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