Christmas Joy!

For most of us, there is something special about the Christmas season. Traditions, family, worshipping together are all ways we find joy during the season. If you are children are like mine then they will receive new toys in addition to the abundance of toys they already have. If you are like us, you will eat way too much and complain about your clothes being a little too tight. You will wake up on Christmas morning in a warm house and a cozy bed.

However, this is not true for so many people in Guatemala. They go to bed sleeping a one room house, with a hard bed shared by several (if they have a bed). The children do not wake up to wrapped Christmas presents under the tree. They wake up just like every other day–wondering if they will have enough to eat for the day.

But YOU can be a part of making their Christmas memorable this year! You can bring a little extra joy this Christmas season!

Christmas Toys–You can purchase a Christmas toy for only $5. A child will receive a special wrapped toy that is sure to result in a smile!

Christmas Baskets–You can purchase a Christmas food basket for only $20. The basket will have juice, milk, cereal, rice, beans, oil, crackers, jelly, cookies, nachos, pasta, pancake mix, chocolate, toothpaste, towels, and toothbrushes. Every family from the school will receive a basket. (We need 50 more baskets to be purchased)

Christmas Houses–You can be part of building a house for only $400. You can build a house in honor or memory of someone this Christmas. The house will provide shelter for an impoverished family. Last week one of the little boys was watching his new house being built. When it came to time to mix the concrete, he excitedly exclaimed “It is even going to have a concrete floor!” This Christmas he will step out of the bed (shared by 4 siblings) and touch a concrete floor instead of a dirt floor!

How Do I Give?

Simply go to and choose “Christmas Joy”. In the notes section you can write “Toys, Food Baskets, or House” Thank you for spreading some Christmas Joy in Guatemala!

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