Almost Time!

It’s almost time to load the container, close the doors, and send it to Guatemala! Unfortunately, Soy and I left just a few days before the real container work began! It is much easier to tell people what to do in 72 degrees weather!

Danville Baptist, Reeltown Baptist, Ethelsville, and Topisaw Baptist have given generously towards the container. Thank you for doing this with such a short notice. There will be a lot of happy children this Christmas because of your help!

There have a ton of people help with the container. Buying toys, taking inventory, packing boxes, loading boxes, etc. Not to mention that in the middle of the preparation there just happened to be a hurricane! Some of these sweet people worked without electricity in a hot, metal gym. Some men worked in a hot, dark container while it was pouring rain. Not just one day–several days! The hurricane and 4 days without electricity did not keep them from helping on the container. We are so grateful!

Mike Parker as been a huge help in the container process. Their ministry knows the process for sending and receiving containers. Mike’s ministry in Guatemala has always been very kind to Grace Ministries. We are happy that God allows ministries to work together.

There have been a lot of people to give many hours on the container, but no one has given more hours on the container than my parents. My dad has loaded and unloaded the container in the rain and sunshine. They have purchased and packed items for the past 3 weeks. My dad will work on the container tonight and in the morning also. Soy and I would’ve stayed to help but we really needed to return to Guatemala!

Rumor has it that my dad will stay in the church parking lot all night in order to play “Barney Fife” with the container. Ain’t No Way!!! You will never find me in a church parking lot–alone–at night. Ain’t No Way!!! God gave some of us common sense.

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