Not Missing a Beat!

On March 16th, a bit of fear and anxiety came with the unknown of the future. I can remember thinking “We need to provide food for the children for only 4-6 weeks.” Boy was I wrong. In addition to providing food came the obstacle of providing academic instruction.

We have watched God provide every single step of the way! Six months later and our children continue to receive food and instruction. 4500 food bags and 5400 hot lunches!

Thankfully, God has surrounded us with people who have a desire to show the love of Christ through serving others. We simply provide the resources and they are the hands and feet of Christ.

Multiple people have asked me about the students in our community. The teachers have been able to perfect the art of outside classrooms. The teachers prepare the materials on Tuesday and Friday, and they teach the children on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Making sure the students have food and education is important, but the teachers do so much more. Taking a student to lunch because their grandmother passed away. Seeing a child smile because his teacher bought him some clothes. Noticing a child needs new shoes and buying them for her. Listening and praying with a teenage girl as she cries. Taking the students grocery shopping for the school. Having a “special” snack for the outside classrooms. Watching a child buy a small pack of cookies for her teacher in order to show some type of appreciation.

Here is the part that I love the most–The teachers do it all on their own! A lot of times we find out about the extra things by accident. We are grateful.

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