Christmas Joy!

We have the opportunity to send a container to Guatemala! We have decided to take advantage of this opportunity by sending a little Christmas joy to the children in Guatemala.

We are going to load the container with lots of toys to be given out in December. The Christmas Bag of toys will be the only gift most of the children will receive!

Do you, your family, or your church want to be part in sending special gifts to the children in Guatemala?

When? September 16th is the deadline

Who? Children in the community of El, Tejar, Guatemala

Ages? 2-12 years old

Where? State Farm Insurance (12575 Grand Bay, AL 36541) Monday-Friday 9:00-5:00

What? Basic Needs: Underwear, Socks, Toothbrush Special Gifts: Small Doll ,Trucks/Cars, Soccer Ball, Stuffed Animal , Hairbrush, Hair bows, Coloring books, Colors, Stickers, Jump Rope, Slinky, Cars, Flashlight,  Puzzles

(Liquids, Gels, or Candy are not allowed)

If you have any questions please email me at

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