We are sooo thankful to each person who has helped the families of Guatemala during this time.   While everything else came to a halt in Guatemala, our staff has willingly served on a continuous basis.   Our ministry has really not skipped a beat–it has looked different but it has continued!   Here are some quick praises:

–We have served 3600 hot lunches and 3200 food bags!

–As of right now, the school families, the teachers, or any other Grace staff have not been physically impacted by the virus.   This is a huge praise! 

–Every Guatemalan staff has received a full salary every month!  All 21 workers have been paid in full!  

–Every operational expense has been paid on time.   Although we are not occupying the buildings, we have to pay for electricity, insurance, taxes, etc.   

–The Guatemalans are ministering to their local community.  They are not dependent on the next “North American” team to help meet needs.   We are providing the resources, but they are serving, praying, and evangelizing.  

–We have been able to provide temporary work to some men in order to provide for their family.  

These are only a few of the praises!   None of this is possible without you!  Thank you for showing the love of Christ!


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