He Knows Our Needs!

Another story of one of the many ways God has reminded us of His goodness.

On March 16th, we found ourselves standing in shock at the sudden close of all schools in Guatemala.   The thought of the children missing a few days in academics did not strike fear in me.  The thought of the children missing several days without breakfast and lunch brought great fear and worry.

We quickly scrambled to develop a plan on how to provide food for the children.   We knew it would have to be sufficient for a family not only for the children.  We also knew the basics of beans and rice would be more difficult to purchase and the prices were increasing.  One week became two weeks.  I try to budget to the penny so I knew our budget could not sustain feeding 500+ people on a weekly basis.

On March 30th I sat down and wrote a blog.  In the blog I asked people to give $15 for a “Bag Lunch” for families.   We had several people give and we were excited to almost have enough money to give another food bag to our families.

On March 31st, I sat down to write out the order for the food that we needed to purchase.   I added to the list “Workers at Las Antorches Restaurant”.  We have been to Las Antorches countless times (if you have been on a trip then there is a good chance you have eaten at the restaurant also).  We have developed relationships with the owner and workers.  They were aware of our belief in Jesus Christ and our purpose of being in Guatemala.  I was aware of the closing of the restaurant due to Covid-19.  I was aware that the closing of the restaurant has caused lots of hardships for the workers.

As I wrote the list, we were reminded that we didn’t even have enough money to care for our own school children.  And yet we were confident that God told us to buy extra for the workers at Las Antorches.  In 100% complete faith and obedience we bought extra food for the workers.  It made no sense!

4 hours later…  I checked our online donations.  The need was met!  God had used people to provide for our families and the workers at the restaurant.

And God whispered, “I am only asking you to be obedient.  I will meet the needs.”

We have been able to meet the needs to the workers since this time also.   It is more difficult because they are located in Antigua, but God has shown us favor with the people.  

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