He Knows Our Needs!

These stories are more as a reminder for us that God knows the needs.  He meets the needs at the perfect time.  Many times, he meets the needs before they are even known.

We have delivered food to the families of Colegio JET, elderly, and single mothers on various days.  This is completely dependent on when we are able to buy and prepare the food.

We had just blessed our families with large bags of food and vegetables on a Friday.   Usually we would wait a full week to give another bag of food.  However, we found ourselves doing another food distribution to the families of Colegio JET the following Wednesday.  They received a bag of food with 2 1/2 dozen eggs.  On Thursday, we passed out another 235 bags to impoverished families, elderly, and single mothers.  By Thursday afternoon, we had given 350 bags of food and vegetables to families in need.

On Thursday night, the President announced there would be no cars, motorcycles, or bicycles allowed on the road for 3 days.  Effective immediately.   All stores would be closed.  The small neighborhood stores could open from 8:00am-11:00am but people needed to walk to the stores.  No Warning–No Time for Preparation!

We sat down this past Thursday night with a huge sigh of relief that 350 families had beans, rice, oatmeal, nutrient supplement drinks, pasta, carrots, tomatoes, radishes, onions, zucchini, and eggs.  The food would be sufficient for their families for the next week.   The sudden announcement did not have to strike fear in the families of Colegio JET and 240 other families.

And God whispered, “I met the need before you even knew of it!”  

Watch these videos to see a quick recap of our Wednesday and Thursday:

Note:  The pastors used the time to share the Gospel and to pray for the families.  Our desire is for people to walk away knowing their spiritual need for a Savior.   Our desire is for God to receive ALL of the glory during this time 

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