Bags of Hope–Day 2

Here are a few pictures of our teachers passing out “Bags of Hope” to families of Colegio JET.  We delivered food to approximately 60 families today.  Each family is extremely grateful for the help.

Last April we began to pray that God would send us the teachers He wanted for our school.  We prayed for teachers who have a heart to serve the families.  Teachers who understand the importance of meeting the physical and spiritual needs of the children.

Our teachers have willingly gone the extra mile to serve our families.  They have spent hours buying and preparing food.  They have delivered food and prayed with the families.   We can’t explain the joy the children have when they see the faces of the teachers.

Today one of our 6th grade girls started crying when she saw one of our teachers, Daisy.  She expressed her gratitude for the food as her dad does not have work during this crisis.  Through tears, she told Daisy that she misses Colegio JET.   She is very worried about all of the staff at the school.   Why?  Why would a 6th grade girl be worried about us?  She is worried that we do not have enough food for ourselves.  Daisy assured her that the teachers have enough food for their families.

This is just a reminder of how the school is stability for so many of our children.  We are happy that the families will fall asleep tonight knowing they have food for tomorrow.

Pray that God will multiply the food in the bags.  Pray God uses the bags to remind them of the Hope found only in Jesus Christ.


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