Bags of Hope

So many of you are part of providing food to many families in Guatemala.   We are still amazed at how God used people to provide for the “Bag Lunches”.

I am going to give brief updates over the next several days about the work we have been doing.

Monday and Tuesday was spent trying to find enough food to provide for all of our families.  The basics are a bit more difficult to find right now.  Plus, the market is only opened on Monday and Tuesday of this week.   Soy and 4 teachers spent Monday and Tuesday purchasing food.  We had to use four cars to transport the food to the school.  When you are purchasing 900 pounds of beans and 600 pounds of rice, you need more than one car!

Today, we prepared 240 “Bags of Hope” for the families at Colegio JET.   The bags will consist of 4 pounds of beans, 4 pounds of rice, 2 pounds of Maseca, 5 bags of noodles, 3 bags of oatmeal, 2 bags of Incaparina (nutrient drink) oil, and salt.  In addition to the food, we will add the Easter story, a resurrection coloring sheet, a gospel tract, and a note of encouragement from Grace Ministries.

Many of you have had the opportunity to visit Luis and Faby at My Special Treasure School.   They serve extremely poor children from the Chimaltenango area.   They are limited with resources and live by trusting God to meet their daily needs.  We were able to buy enough beans, rice, Incaparina, oatmeal, and noodles for them to bless their families.   There will be 150 families in Chimaltenango blessed as a result of your generosity.

Pastor Walter and Pastor Adan delivered “Bags of Hope” to 27 families from their church.  Each bag had a booklet sharing the plan of salvation.   The pastors made homemade bread to give to each family.  I ate the French bread and the carrot bread–Delish!  The pastors and their wives were able to pray for each family.

Tomorrow, our day will start at 6am delivering food to one of our teachers.   She lives about an hour away in a community that has closed the local market and is not permitting anyone outsider to enter.   There is no public or private buses so they are having difficulty purchasing food.  She will meet us at the entrance of her town.

Our day will continue by passing out food to our students at several locations.   Thank you for praying for us.

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