Extra Teachers!

A few weeks I focused on our teachers and staff at Colegio JET.  However, we are blessed to have some extra workers who work with excellence.


Last year Lesly did her practicum for college hours at the feeding center.  A few months of practicum led to volunteering.  She is willing to help in any way needed.  As of March, she started working full-time as an intervention teacher for the lower grades.   She has spent this week buying and delivering food for the students.  The children love her and she is always very joyous.



Evelyn works extremely hard in the kitchen.  She arrives early to prepare breakfast for about 170 people and then quickly begins to prepare lunch.  She has spent hours looking for the best prices at the market so we can stay within our budget.   She has slowly developed her leadership skills with volunteers from North America and Guatemala.  She takes great pride in her cooking, and she is willing to make healthier changes with her cooking style!   She does receive volunteer help from Mrs. Valveena (Pastor Walter’s wife) everyday.  They enjoy a sweet time of fellowship with all of the ladies in the kitchen.  They are as important as every teacher at our school!


If you have driven to the school within the past year, you have appreciated the beautiful flowers.  Cristobal worked as a guard for Grace Ministries before transitioning to our maintenance man for the school.  He definitely has a knowledge of flowers and a green thumb!   He helps keep all of the lawn and the school clean everyday.  He will oversee the school garden in the future.  He is an extremely hard worker!


Pastor Walter and Pastor Adan serves as pastors for Iglesia JET.  They work hard to build relationships and minister to the families of the school.   They help in the whole group devotions on Tuesdays and Thursdays along with teaching Bible classes.  They are always eager to minister wherever there is a need!


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