Serving Our Children!

Serving OUR Children!  Every teacher understands how a student becomes more than just a child in a seat.  Relationships are made.  Children are loved. Children miss their teachers.  Teachers are security. Teachers worry.  Teachers care.

On Monday, two of our teachers went to the market and purchased beans, rice, and flour.    We do not believe in hoarding food so we purchased enough for our families plus a few more (hopefully about 8-10 days worth of food)  This morning the food was divided into bags for every family.  The teachers split into groups and made deliveries to the children.

The children were excited to see their teachers.   Unlike the states, we do not have the means for “distance learning”.  Every day our children are not in the class is a day of missed instruction.  We are praying the children will return quickly to the classrooms.

It is extremely difficult for us to compare a crisis in the states to a crisis in Guatemala.  For the majority of our families, having enough food for a day or so is completely normal.  They don’t necessarily have the fear of no food within the next couple of weeks because they do not live this way.  However, no work and increased prices on food will impact them.



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