Just a reminder about all of the teachers:  They love Jesus.  They have a desire to see the children have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.   They show love to the children.  They provide a safe environment for the children.   They serve the children.   They give lots of hugs and high fives.   They respect the parents.  They are willing to change their teaching style!  They are willing to learn new things.  They strive to grow spiritually and professionally.  They understand these children have much greater needs than the things seen on the surface.   They know these children deserve the right to have opportunities in life.   They laugh with the children and they cry with the children.

Side note:  Chino and Pablo come as a pair!   They are the only male teachers at the school.  They volunteered many days at the feeding center last year.  They have spent hours helping the school so many areas–house visits, grocery shopping, tax office, food deliveries, and so many more errands.   They are excellent role models for the teenage guys.

Chino teaches the 6th and 7th grade classes.  His primary focus is teaching science and social studies.   His laid back, not a care in the world personality is great when teaching pre-teens.  In addition to teaching, Chino helps in a lot of other areas in the ministry.   He has a teaching degree, and he is currently finishing his law degree.  He makes sure all of our legal paperwork is correct with the Ministry of Work, Ministry of Education, etc.  The children love Chino!

Sixth Grade Class


Pablo teaches the sixth and seventh grade math and English.   Pablo has a joyous personality that is contagious.  You can’t help but to love him.  He has a teaching degree, one college degree, and he is working on his second college degree.  He is not afraid to try new things–translating, meeting new people, teaching strategies, etc.  Pablo is committed to helping these children have the opportunity to change their lives.  He is committed to showing them the love of Christ.

Katherine teaches Reading and writing for the sixth and seventh graders.  She has a teaching degree and 2 college degrees.  Katherine is enthusiastic about pushing herself to grow professionally.  Her fluency in English allows her to be a translators for the preachers and team visits.  She is very confident God wants her to be a Colegio JET.  This is His will for this season of her life.  She is an excellent role model for the young girls.

Seventh Grade Class



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